The Net

net worth

The net

Do we mean the Internet,
that tangled web of life?

Does this net represent your net worth
of a physical, spiritual, financial or emotional state?

What if we were fish?

Would we want to spend our time on the net
or in the net for that matter?

The net is a trap. No, it is way to get what you want.

It is a tool.

A means to keep us from reaching our goals.

A means to attain our goals.

If we look deeper we will see that most objects have this duality.

And if those objects were to look at humans.
They would find this same duality inside of us.


1. Does the word two-faced have a positive or negative meaning?

2. When you saw the word net, what sort of images did you come up with? Write down three of them.

3. Has the Internet helped or hurt you in your life? Explain.