Lost Elephant

lost elephant

This lost elephant
traveling on a molehill
cares not of his size.

I found this small blue elephant walking along a molehill.
He was not big. He was small. A mole is bigger than the elephant. The mole that made many long tunnels in the grass.

How strange!

The elephant was trying very hard. He wanted to go back to the jungle.
But many lumps and bumps were in his way.

This elephant was strong. He was going to make it.

“Good Luck!” I told him.

The elephant was quiet.
His goal was set. Nothing was going to stop him.

I wish I was more like the little blue elephant.


1. Is this a real elephant?

2. Why was it heading towards the jungle?

3. Look at at this picture of a
Do moles have eyes? Why or why not?