The Net

net worth

The net

Do we mean the Internet,
that tangled web of life?

Does this net represent your net worth
of a physical, spiritual, financial or emotional state?

What if we were fish?

Would we want to spend our time on the net
or in the net for that matter?

The net is a trap. No, it is way to get what you want.

It is a tool.

A means to keep us from reaching our goals.

A means to attain our goals.

If we look deeper we will see that most objects have this duality.

And if those objects were to look at humans.
They would find this same duality inside of us.


1. Does the word two-faced have a positive or negative meaning?

2. When you saw the word net, what sort of images did you come up with? Write down three of them.

3. Has the Internet helped or hurt you in your life? Explain.

Deer Tracks

deer tracks

Here are the deer steps.

Well, every night a group of deer make their way to the deserted field near my house.
They eat, play run around and do deer things.

Mother deer watching.
Young deer playing.
Father deer working.

Deer families.

Every night they see my car’s lights.
The young deer race across the road.
Their mothers must be worried
Their fathers must be angry.

“Go ahead, deer. I see you.”

Across the road, and up the deer steps.
Steps that were made by hundreds of deer on hundreds of nights.

Who am I to bother them?


1. What kid of animal made the steps?

2. What are the mother deer doing?

3. When do the deer come to the field?

Lost Elephant

lost elephant

This lost elephant
traveling on a molehill
cares not of his size.

I found this small blue elephant walking along a molehill.
He was not big. He was small. A mole is bigger than the elephant. The mole that made many long tunnels in the grass.

How strange!

The elephant was trying very hard. He wanted to go back to the jungle.
But many lumps and bumps were in his way.

This elephant was strong. He was going to make it.

“Good Luck!” I told him.

The elephant was quiet.
His goal was set. Nothing was going to stop him.

I wish I was more like the little blue elephant.


1. Is this a real elephant?

2. Why was it heading towards the jungle?

3. Look at at this picture of a
Do moles have eyes? Why or why not?

Plum Blossoms

Plum Blossoms

Plum blossom petals
awaken in the cold dawn
and smile at the sun.

These are plum blossoms. They are saying, “Spring will be here soon!”

I wonder.

This morning it was cold. It was zero degrees! There was ice on my car windows. Ice covered the goldfish pot. I could see my breath.

This is not spring. This is winter!

Then the sun came out. It smiled on the plum blossoms. The plum blossoms smiled at me.

“Can I take your picture?”

Some of them were shy. Some of them were quiet, but most of them were happy.

“Say ‘Cheese’!” I said. I took their picture.

The plum blossoms and a blue sky. The sun felt warm. I heard some birds singing.

“Yes, Spring will be here soon,” I thought as I walked home.


1. Do you like cold weather?

2. Why does Jeff think spring will be here soon?

3. Is there a plum tree near you? What special message does it have for you?